To prevent any misunderstanding after the job has started, we have listed some of the most common concerns with having your roof replaced. If you have any questions or do not understand an item, please ask for clarification with your D'Eramo ContractingRepresentative.


Roofing is a noisy and messy business. You will hear banging and hammering throughout the process. It is not uncommon to have in excess of 7 Tons of material removed from your house.


Please cover all personal belongings in the attic or storage area due to the possibility of roof debris or dust coming through the cracks. D'Eramo Contractingwill not be responsible for debris or dust in the attic.


D'Eramo Contracting may need to clear branches, or ask that they be removed for our crew's safety and efficiency. Flowers, shrubbery, and other items will be protected, but it is not uncommon for a branch or two to be damaged.


Please do a safety check and remove or secure items that are not firmly attached to the walls or ceiling. This is particularly important to the top floor. D'Eramo Contracting is not responsible for any interior damage.


D'Eramo Contractingis not responsible for the recalibration of any satellite dishes or antennas. We recommend you call your satellite company to make them aware of any recalibrations that may be needed after removal and replacement of such device.


All materials belong toD'Eramo Contracting and we may elect to stock more material than needed to complete your roof. This may be done to minimize delays caused by not having enough materials on site. The crews are required to collect any unused materials at the end of the job. Also, we like to stock our jobs in advance of our crews coming to do the installation.


D'Eramo Contractingwill install your roof as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality. Estimated Starting and Completion dates are subject to change due to weather, previous jobs, labor market, material shortages, etc.

* Any and all additional carpentry work needed will not be performed until the roof is complete and paid in full unless otherwise stated*

Please do not place any trash or debris in the dump trailer while it is on the jobsite

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