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Here is a list of testimonials from customers that sent us letters/emails and let us know how much they appreciate our work.

"I was impressed with the whole process. Estimate done in a timely manner, workmanship and job completion done on time."
-R. G., Hudson, NH

"I would recommend DEramo Contracting because they provide top quality service."
- C. B., Merrimack, NH

"Thanks very much to you Steve and your crew! You do a fast, quality billed job! Bill Bradbury, Nashua, NH DEramo Contracting really know what they are doing, I will recommend to others."
- J. B., Nashua, NH

"They (DEramo Contracting) do what they say they will do and they do a great job!"
- B. Y., Litchfield, NH

"We have never worked with a vendor as thorough, knowledgeable, and service oriented as you, you do an outstanding job! You responded with an appropriated job, with estimate, explained the job, and did the job as explained! I highly recommend!"
- R. B., Brookline, NH

"DEramo Contracting respected me and my property, more people need to know how good you are!"
- C. N., Bedford, NH

"Steven and his crew do a great job and are very professional, keep doing what you are doing the same!"
- B. Y., Litchfield, NH

"I would refer him out because they knew what they were doing, and wanted to do the right thing"
- P. Z., Milford, NH

"Performed installation as scheduled, answered on time, no hidden costs with estimates."
- D. T., Nashua, NH

"I appreciated the phone updates and confirmation, he had a beautiful presentation, and they perform QUALITY work!"
- E. T., Amherst, NH

"They deliver quality work and material for a very fair price"
- K. and S. T., Hollis, NH

"Steve and his crew do a great job and are reasonable in cost, and were very professional; I have already referred DEramo Contracting to others! Thank you also for helping me reinstall and hang my existing solar heater on the garage roof, thanks so much!!!"
-R. S., Nashua, NH

"Steve has the ability and knowledge to complete the job"
-J. N., Pelham, NH

"We will highly recommend you to anyone who calls... Thank you for such an outstanding job!"
- D. and L. M., Merrimack, NH

"They are very trustworthy, polite, very willing to please, and I believe worked for the familys interest."
- Mrs. R. M., Nashua, NH

"DEramo Contracting do a great job at a fair and reasonable price."
- S. K., Hampton, NH

"Steven is honest and they do what they say they will do."
-B. H., Manchester, NH
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